Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Sane Thing

School Room Whispers and Heart Whispers (combined today):

I was so angry.  And disappointed.  And feeling incapable of knowing what to do about the situation.

Sometimes I just can't seem to think of the best thing to do.  Or even a good thing.  I very much dislike being in that situation.

But such is sometimes the life of this homeschool mom.  I have, even as recently as this morning, sat and stared at my son and thought, "Why am I doing this?"

Yes, I love home education and all the benefits of it, but I'm still human.  I still have inklings of thoughts about how much more "free" I could be regarding my time, my emotions, my few un-realized dreams . . . AND it would be someone else's responsibility to figure out what to do in those trying moments.

Snap!  What are you thinking, Laurie?!

I look at my precious 5th grader, still a little boy in some ways, yet fighting to be manly beyond his years, and, even if he's glaring at me, his "unreasonable" mom/teacher, I know that God has ordained this moment to be who and where and when it is.  No, it is not of Him when I am disobeyed or disrespected.  It is not of Him when I disrespect or become impatient.

But the Who and the Where and the When are as He wills.  And the Whys remain the same.

Because it is He who has put it on my heart to teach my son at home:

  • There is no better way I could be spending my time.
  • There is no better way to invest my emotions during school hours.
  • There are no dreams-fulfilled that would bring more satisfaction than the living of this one.

This isn't true for everyone.  Many moms obey the Lord's plan for their families by sending their kids to school.  This has its own challenges and rewards.

Whatever the Lord has us doing during our days, the most sane thing we can do is keep our eyes on Him and the truth of what He has asked of us, no matter what tries to woo us away.

Kitchen Whispers
My young friend Ella helped me make cornbread this afternoon to be wolfed down by herself, her brother and Little Mister at snack time.  It might be more accurate to say I helped her make it.  She did a spectacular job. :)

It's Little Mister's night to plan the menu and cook.  He chose what we simply call "Thai," and it is a most favorite of his.  The official name of the recipe is Thai Beef with Chilis and Basil over Coconut Rice.  You can find it here if you're interested.  We do things a bit differently, such as leaving out the fish oil and just using some extra soy sauce.  We can't seem to find the pepper it calls for, so we us jalapeno instead.  Um, I will be cutting up said jalapeno tonight.  Not quite ready for LM to tackle that yet, since some of the seeds need to be removed and it needs to cut into pretty small pieces. :)  We all like this recipe, and that coconut jasmine rice is soooo easy and smells and tastes divine! :)

TV Whispers
I finished a Cary Grant movie, His Girl Friday, the other night.  What is it about Cary Grant movies?  I mean, he's not the best actor ever.  His timing's a bit off sometimes or something.  But the charm draws you in, and he's funny.  Gotta like a sense of humor.

I started Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn, but haven't finished it yet.  I just love Audrey's quirky elegance.  I've seen this movie before, of course, but it's been years.  It's almost like watching it for the first time.  Again.  ;)

At the library I checked out You've Got Mail (why don't I own that?), but haven't watched it yet.  That's another one I haven't seen in a long time.

When I can't sleep at night, many times if I get up and settle on the couch and turn the TV on, it lulls me to sleep.  Thankfully, I haven't had to do that as much lately, but when I do, The Dick Van Dyke Show is a favorite.  Do you ever wonder what the colors of the set actually were on a black-and-white show?

Computer Whispers
I'm enjoying this new blog, but still feeling strangely like a fish out of water.  I'll settle in, I suppose. :)


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