Sunday, August 26, 2012

Something New: The Whispers of Our Walls. :)

One of my fave wall hangings. Reminds me of one of my fave movies! :)

It's time for something new.  Sometimes you just know that, right?

Yes, it's time to start a new blog.

While not nearly as heart-wrenching, I do feel a bit like I'm uprooting myself from an established home (my blog, Rekindled Heart), and re-planting myself in a new territory.

WHY would I do that?

This saying is above a mirror. The wall color is showing up a bit darker than it is, but I do love that saying! :)

Well, just like moving a household, sometimes you know it's the thing to do, but don't fully understand all the reasons you're led to do so until you get there and settle in.

God has His reasons for the leading.  Sometimes we know them as we follow, and other times we just follow.  Trust.

The shield on Little Mister's door.  It's SO him. ;)
At least this is just a blog.  Not a huge risk by any means. :)

As I've been thinking about this new blog, an old song keeps running through my mind.  It's such a lovely song, and it's absolutely a perfectly appropriate (and easy! ha ha) way to begin my new blog.  The video isn't much to look at, but the song is so very pretty and poignant.  Enjoy!  Oh, and don't forget to "follow" this blog somewhere over there on the right side of the page if you wish.  :)  ------------------------------>

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