Thursday, August 30, 2012

To My Fellow Americans:

I posted the following on a former blog in the fall of 2008.  For some reason, I thought of it today and decided to find it and read it.   Yep, most of it still applies!

Dear friends,

I'm not normally one to purposely become involved in controversial issues, especially politics.  I enjoy harmony and have usually chosen to allow "argumentative people" to. . . well . . .argue!  But I've come to realize that I don't have to argue or have an argumentative spirit in order to state what is true.  Some things have been on my heart for awhile and I feel the need to express them.

Therefore, I am writing this with the knowledge that not every person will agree with me.  If you think there is any value in it, feel free to send it on to whomever you wish.

Every American citizen has some influence in this country, if he/she chooses to use it.  We may think our circle of influence is small or non-existent, but the truth of the matter is that the scope of our individual influence is exactly what God deemed it to be.  No matter what God gives us (money, home, family, material possessions, authority, intellect, etc.), He expects us to do our very best with it.  That includes our "influence."

If not even one person will listen to your audible words, or read your written thoughts, you still have a "voice" on November 4, 2008 [Nov. 6, 2012]!  You will find it at your designated voting station!  Don't sit on the sidelines and let someone else "talk" for you!  Go, and be heard.  Even if the result is not to your liking, at least no one can point a finger at you and say, "Why didn't you do your part?"  More importantly, you won't be thumbing your nose at this God-given privilege.

Speaking of God . . . as much as we like to think we're all that, as individuals and as a nation, we would be nothing without Him!  He made us in His image and breathed the very life into us.  Should we not, then, consult Him about how He would like the country He gave us to be run?  There are few these days who care to enlighten us on the truth of how our nation began but if you listen to people who actually know what they are talking about, or look into it yourself (hint:  the older the source, the less "adulterated" the information is likely to be), you will find that the founders of our country loved God and wanted to run our country based on what was pleasing to Him (they were imperfect humans who made mistakes, but in general they had THE firm foundation).  Now we want to run it, not to mention our own lives, all by ourselves, and look where that has gotten us!

Do you like it when people lie to you?  I sure don't!  But what is truth anyway?  Is it whatever I want it to be?  Is it what a candidate for office says it is?  Is it whatever "the majority" decides it is?  The answers are:  no, no and no.

So, is there anywhere truth can be found?  Yes, indeed!  I think most of us know in our heart of hearts where to find it.  But to acknowledge and search the Word of God is life-changing and sometimes even scary.  It shows us just how far we've strayed.  Believe me, I know from experience!

Some may say, "I don't believe the Bible is any more than an interesting story book.  I don't even believe in God!  Why should I read His supposed words?"  Thanks to the gentlemanly ways of God, you have the choice to think that way!  God never forces anyone to believe or live for Him.

But not believing doesn't make Him any less real, or any less the Source of Truth.  Truth is truth.  We can't change that by believing or denying the truth.  I can choose to believe that my eyes won't be damaged if I look into the sun for an extended period of time.  I can believe it with all my heart, just because I want it to be that way.  If I believe enough, will the truth (and the consequences) change?  I could choose to believe that 2 + 2 = 5.  The fact that I believe it (or don't believe that it equals 4) doesn't change the truth of the matter.

As much as God is a gentleman, He is also a judge.  He does become angry at whole nations!  These two characteristics of God do not conflict or cancel each other out, because He is God!  The older I become, the more I realize that God's ways are so beyond me, His thoughts are so beyond mine, His love is beyond anything I'm capable of and His understanding is beyond the wisest of men. 

I was reading in Isaiah the other day and was struck by how much the story of our country is similar to Israel.  I don't mean they're the same, just that there are some parallels--the new beginning in a new land, fighting for land and freedom, God's evident hand in the starting of a nation.  Just like Israel did time and time again, we are turning our backs on God and all that He stands for.  We want to live our own way.  We want what we want.  We don't want to stand up for what's right, for fear of being labeled "intolerant."  We have ceased from seeking Truth so much that we are easily swayed by utter foolishness. 

Do we want to be a nation of fools?  I urge you to read Isaiah and see the devastation God allows on nations who choose foolishness (as well as the redemption He offers--what great reading Isaiah is!).  If you like reading stuff online, you can go to and look up Isaiah.  The entire Bible is on that site.

Will God allow our consequences to be like other nations that have turned against Him?  I can't tell you that for sure.  But we can be sure there will continue to be consequences if we don't get our act together!

Now I'm going to get to the nitty-gritty--the part where I actually start naming names.  If this part is still intact by the time you receive it, you can be assured it's only because the Lord has worked on my heart to keep it in here.  I don't want to do this!  I hate politics!  Even worse, I hate knowing I could cause someone to be angry, or to alienate themselves from me.  Just know that by expressing my thoughts here, I'm not saying you have to agree with me or I'll never speak to you again.  But I can't have peace in my heart until I lay it on the line.

I've said it before and I'll say it again:  This is NOT a student council election!  The welfare of our country is at stake!  It's not time to vote for the best-looking candidate or the most eloquent speaker.  We need to look behind the eyes, behind the words.  What does the person's life reflect?  It's not the time to vote for "change" (whatever that's supposed to mean) just to see what "change" might be like.  We don't have time to waste on an experiment like that!

Barack Obama is not who he presents himself to be.  The evidence is all around us (see links below, for starters).  I'm completely baffled as to why (if the polls can be trusted, which is an entirely different issue) approximately half the country chooses to turn a blind eye to the obvious!  Do I hate him?  I will answer that with a question:  Does God hate him?  No!  God definitely hates most of what the guy stands for (or doesn't stand for?), but somehow loves the man (more perfectly than anyone else could). 

And let's just get this out of the way, since people who don't know me well but find out I'm not supporting Obama tend to ask it:  It has nothing to do with the color of his skin.  If he was purple and stood for something worthwhile, he would have my vote.  Race has absolutely nothing to do with anything, or shouldn't anyway.  Anyone who knows my family knows what I mean by that.  End of story.

And, no, John McCain is not the perfect candidate either.  Certainly not who I wanted as a breath-of-fresh-air alternative (though Sarah Palin makes him "smell" quite a bit better!). 

But these are the two viable options we have.  God is the one who raises up rulers.  He has allowed this.  I just hope and pray He has mercy on us!

John McCain, with all his faults and mistakes, has still proven his overall integrity so much better than Barack Obama.  How can we sit back and allow a man with proven terrorist ties be the leader of our country?  Where is the wisdom in this?  What makes this okay?  How can someone like this even be a candidate?  He's a great speaker, except that he doesn't say much.  I should say that he's great at making nothing appear to be something.  Is that who we want leading our country?  A manipulator of words, not to mention people?  I hate to say this, I mean I really do, but the way he speaks and people are mesmerized by him reminds me of Adolf Hitler.  It's a scary, scary thing.

Let's not let the "powers that be" make idiots of us!  Oh, how the liberal media twists and edits things to feed into that manipulation.  If that's all we watch/listen to/read, it's easy to be deceived.  Even conservative media doesn't always offer the right answer.

Are we even supposed to be swayed by the media?  What is supposed to be our measure of what is right and wise to vote for?  Again, we come back to the Bible.  Are McCain's and Obama's names written in Scripture?  Not that I'm aware of.  But their stances are.

Let's take abortion for example.  According to the Bible, it's not a "choice" that's pleasing to the Lord.  I honestly have nothing but love and compassion for every girl or woman who has been wounded by that choice, and I know God offers the ultimate grace and mercy to these dear ones.  Many are persuaded by people they trust, or by society, or by the abortionists themselves, to have this "procedure" done, and they feel they have nowhere else to turn.  Oh, how my heart goes out to you, sister, whoever you may be, if your heart still hurts or if you've suffered physically because of the lies told to you.  Any anger I have is not directed at you, but at those who fight so hard to keep abortion legal, knowing full well the trauma and devastation it can bring and trying to keep that aspect of it hidden, for their own selfish gain, whether it be monetary, political, social, or just plain foolishness. 

As if that's not bad enough, Obama is for infanticide--allowing tiny babies who "somehow" survive an abortion, to be neglected until they die.  It's criminal!  It's abominable!  And many Americans don't even know about it because they aren't told!  Are we going to stand for this?!

Do we DARE elect into office any more people who spit in the face of God and His creation by supporting and fighting for this atrocity?  How much longer will God be patient with us?  Can we see that maybe His patient phase is gradually coming to an end?  He tells us He is slow to anger but not that He will never become angry!

We need to care about what is near and dear to God's heart!  He is not nearly as concerned about money and our economy as He is about lives and how they are protected and lived.  The economy stinks right now and He knows that.  But the economy cycles every several years and, though it's not fun right now, it doesn't HAVE to end on a bad note.  God tells us in His Word that if we seek HIM first, He will provide.  Wouldn't you love to be provided for by the God of the universe, rather than babysat by the government?  We CANNOT base our votes on our wallets!  It's wrong!  It's dangerous! 

Do we really want socialized medicine?  We ought to to ask the people from countries who do that now, who come HERE when they need something serious done, so it will be done well and safely.  Hmmm. . . .

I'm also VERY concerned about Obama's stance on the war.  As far as going into Iraq, there were valid reasons for doing this.  By everyone's admission, including former President Clinton, Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.  He had used chemical warfare within the borders of his own country and there was no reason to suspect that he wouldn't use them outside of his borders.  Within the last year, they uncovered a cache of yellow cake uranium which is some of the raw material used for a nuclear bomb.  Bet you didn't hear about that in the mainstream media!  There's no arguing that mistakes have been made in how we have fought the war in Iraq but the Surge has worked to bring increased stability.  We as Americans have extremely short historical attention spans.  Not so in the Middle East.  Some of their rivalries go back millennia, so they can be extremely patient in plotting revenge.  To publish an arbitrary date for withdrawal in their eyes would be a sign of weakness which would embolden them to plot an assault as soon as we were gone.  Only by announcing that we will stay until the job is done will they understand that we are serious.

And meeting with these leaders without pre-conditions is just plain foolish.  It does nothing but give them "street cred," and is a slap in the face to Israel, one of our strongest allies in the region.  There needs to be dialog with these terrorist organizations and nations, but it needs to be with the goal of helping them understand that we will not stand idly by while they commit atrocities.  In any case, if anyone meets with anyone, the guidelines should fall within the already established protocol.  For the president himself to meet with terrorists is completely inappropriate, as he rarely has time to meet personally even with leaders of peaceful countries.  He has his "underlings" do it.

It's naive and ridiculous on Obama's part!  The fact that he actually thinks these things should be cause for people not to see him as a credible candidate.  The guy refused to even salute the flag or wear a flag pin on his lapel, at least for awhile!  Sorry, but I'm not convinced he's completely loyal to our country at all.  I know it's difficult having our loved ones in harm's way on our account.  But God has been asking people to take a stand in this way for millennia, and most feel honored to do it.  I myself dread the day my son enlists--and he's the type of guy that will likely do it--but we can't let our emotions get in the way of what's right.  God isn't asking us to do anything He didn't do--He sent His Son to earth, knowing without a doubt that His innocent Son was going to die on behalf of others.

Wake up, America!  We have GOT to wake up!  I am not an alarmist--it's completely against my usual personality.  Writing this, and actually sending it, is something I consider bold, for me anyway.  If I've made anyone out there angry, that was not my intention.  My hope is only that it will stir your heart.  Truth is truth.  At this time next year, or two or three years from now, let's not look back and WISH we had voted to please God and trusted Him to protect and provide for us, rather than trying to take matters into our own hands by voting in someone who will not fight for the things God cares about!

I urge you to do your research about the issues at stake.  Find out what you haven't been told, and ask yourself why that would be.  I can't make up your mind for you.  You have the right and the privilege to do that yourself.  But please make sure you have all the facts first!  And we need to pray that God would see fit to raise up the man who will best lead our country!

Here are a few links to websites that will tell us the whole story:

And some individual articles, for starters:

If you've made it to the end of this, thank you for taking the time to read. 

Most sincerely,

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