Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I seem to live my life by numbers.  Numbers on the clock, numbers on the scale, number of things on my to-do list, number of hits on my blog, number of times I must say the same thing to my son . . . the list of numbers appears to be endless!

We need numbers, but do we perhaps become a bit obsessed with them and allow them to skew our focus?

Being on time is important . . .
           . . . but maybe when I don't have to be somewhere I can be less rigid about the numbers on the clock and more focused on spending each minute wisely.

A scale can be a useful tool . . .
            . . . but isn't it better to be obedient, moderate, and practicing healthy habits because they are the right things to do?

Lists help us remember , , ,
            , , , Maybe, though, it's okay to put the list aside from time to time in order to make memories.

Counters on blogs provide interesting information , , ,
            , , , but is it not a more productive use of time to pray that the Lord will lead the readers to my blog that He wants to be encouraged by it?

Yes, it's discouraging sometimes when Dear Son doesn't "get it" the first or second or third time he's corrected about something . . .
            . . . . Is it up to me, though, to change his heart?  Or am I to declare to God that He is not working quickly enough?

Numbers are fairly neutral things overall.  Just like with most everything else, it's how we use them that can make them good or not so good.

A better use for numbers in my day?

How many hugs and smiles did I give out?
How many times was God merciful to me today?
Did I indeed meet all my responsibilities on time?
Which verses/chapters did I read/study in the Bible, and what did I learn from them?
What percentage of times did I choose to forgive?
How many people did I pray for as they came to mind?
How much time did I spend listening to my son instead of talking at him (or listening to my husband instead of griping about my day)?

Life is more than a series of NUMB3RS!  :)

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