Friday, October 12, 2012

Blue Tie--Red Tie

A disturbing image keeps flashing before my eyes today, like it's haunting me or something.  I keep seeing this guy in a suit and blue tie laughing ridiculously and forever interrupting and trying to talk over the guy next to him, who also wears a suit, but with a red tie.  It's that gleaming smile that keeps playing over and over in my mind like a fever-induced freak show.

What was so unendingly funny?  Even if he wasn't agreeing with Red Tie, that much laughter seemed really inappropriate for the occasion. 

And what was with the gallons of water consumed by Red Tie?  It appeared to me to be driven by nerves, as did the incessant laughter of his opponent.  But, really, I find it easier to feel confident about someone who drinks lots of water (which could have been just because he was thirsty or had a sore throat, but even if it was because of nerves . . .) than a guy who sits there and laughs consistently throughout something as important as a vice-presidential debate.

On the other hand, I guess the laughter pretty much sums up the attitude of the present administration.  They seem to have enjoyed making a joke of our country, the Constitution, our religious freedoms, and anything else they've been able to get their hands on the past four years.

It's definitely not funny to me.  But I shall cast my vote with a smile on November 6.

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